The following text represents the general terms and conditions of DJ Funfiesta & Entertainment services:

1Entire Agreement: Booking Agreement issued to all Clients at the time of booking one of our mobile disco packages.
• DJ Funfiesta, in consideration of the total amount specified, will provide the services of DJ on the date of function, at the agreed location for the agreed performance times, as stated on the Booking contract form.
• The services consist of music selection from the DJ Funfiesta music library, plus the requested songs from the client playlist and providing suitable sound system to play the selected music.
• The Company will make every effort to play all requests, subject to such music being available on the date and suitability for the function and venue.
• The selection of equipment to be used at the event is left to the discretion of the Company, and is based upon the size and conditions of the event location.

2 Definitions :
• Function = Event, Party, Wedding Reception, Club/Corporate/Commercial event, any organized entertainment.
• DJ = Us, We, Company, DJ Funfiesta.
• Client = You, Function Coordinator, Event manager, Club management, Customer.

Booking and Payment:
To confirm and secure your booking, you will receive a confirmation booking/ invoice from DJ Funfiesta, stating date, price and location. If you did not receive a Confirmation Booking, that will be because your event hasn’t been confirmed.

To book and reserve DJ Funfiesta, a contract must be signed and a 30% deposit required. The remaining balance is due same event date of the event, before the event starts. *All events booked within one month of the event date require the full event balance paid within one week of the event date.

3 Cancellation Policy:
• Any cancellation must be made no less than (90) days prior to the scheduled occasion. Notification must be in writing. In the event that such cancellations are made within (30) thirty days of the scheduled occasion, the client shall owe the balance due within 10 days of the notice of cancellation.
• All deposits and payments are non-refundable. This (90) ninety day period allows us a fair and reasonable time period to possibly gain back a booking for the date, as we will have turned away other potential customers while holding your reservation.
• In the event that an occasion must be rescheduled due to rain or any other circumstances, DJ Funfiesta can transfer any deposits based on availability of the DJ Funfiesta. In the event DJ Funfiesta is unavailable on the new rescheduled date and it is (90) days prior to the occasion, a full refund will be issued. In the event the occasion is within (90) ninety days all deposits and payments would be forfeited.
• There shall be no discounts or refunds given in the event that the occasion is finished earlier than the time period contracted. The balance shall be due and payable to DJ Funfiesta before the event starts.

4 During the event:
• The DJ will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. The DJ dressed as a guest of the event.
• One Meal to be provided for the DJ and assistant if that is the case
Extended Performance Hours.
• The Client may request that the DJ plays longer than the contracted performance times. DJ Funfiesta will provide an extended performance at $ 150.00/hour, provided any overtime is paid in full at the time of the request and that approval has been obtained from the venue Manager. The availability of the Company for overtime cannot be guaranteed.
DJ : Funfiesta may substitute another Staff DJ to take the job in the event of DJ’s illness or personal crisis. In the event of such substitution, DJ Funfiesta warrants that the dj taking the job shall be a competent professional.

• DJ Funfiesta requires a minimum of 90 minutes for setting up and 60 minutes to pack away equipment. This time has no extra charge and is included in the price.
• The Client is responsible for the conduct of all persons attending the event weather those persons are invited or not. DJ Funfiesta do not take any responsibility for controlling disorder or ejecting unwanted persons from the venue. Our DJ’s have the right to perform in a safe environment.
• DJ Funfiesta is not responsible for any power outages. Since every reasonable safeguard is assured DJ Funfiesta cannot be held responsible for any sudden malfunction or breakdown of any electrical equipment from the bulding as this is an unavoidable occurrence and is outside of our control.

6 Contract Summary:
• All written modifications or additions must be agreed upon by both the Company and the Client. This constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and DJ Funfiesta.
• No other terms or conditions implied or expressed not included in this document apply.
• All notices, acknowledgments or replies referred to in this document are to be made by post, or sent via Email.

This agreement is binding. By booking with DJ Funfiesta you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Once service has begun no amendments may be made. DJ Funfiesta has the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior warning. ​